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People come here to see Drag Shows, Drag events, Bingo, celebrate there Birthday, pre-wedding events, have a drink with friends, along other things like BDSM Meets, open stage and live music. What ever they come for, they appreciate the relaxed atmosphere and safe environment along with a friendly vibe.

Waynne & Andy's Vault

Dorothy’s Drag Bar Groningen is there for the community, and by the community, currently its Guardians are Waynne and Andy. Dorothy’s has gone by many names over the last 40 years or so, and its said to be the oldest “Gay” bar in the Netherlands. If you check inside, you see the vaulted roof, as it used to be a grain storage and bakery.

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Beyond the Binary

Its changed names over the years, changed hands and changed guardians. Today it’s the Norths premier LGBTQI+++ Show Bar. It tries to represent all that should be in the LGBTQI+++ space and welcome absolutely anyone as long as they respect each other, and are there for fun.


Dorothy’s current guardians are passionate about the community, passionate about improving the venue for its customers, and even more passionate to maintain its heritage and its LGBTQI+++ community! So come along, support Dorothy’s

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