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Dorothys leaps into the unknown with Dorothy and her husband at the helm. Dorothy performing on stage


Dorothy Male is a drag queen quite new to the Groningen circuit, although she has (too many?) years of experience under her belt.

She loves to natter with drag queens and has a soft spot for those just starting out. Find out more about her below.

"In the world of Dorothy's drag is not about the most expensive wig, who has the best make up or who is the queen bitch, it's about demonstrating a form of performance art with a respected history. It's important that drag continues to bring the community together."

Dorothy's DragBar

dorothy's wild ride

As a fresh-faced youth, Andy (Dorothy Male) burst onto the drag scene in the North of England (circa 1905, ahem) working in drag showbar's and trolling/trolloping/slutting (take your pick) around the country. Then London called and he hot-footed it South… After a stint at a fast food joint, then finding himself somehow living in a porn house (yes the landlord shot gay porn!) and many late nights, he fell in love with Waynne – they were married in Richmond Park a few years later.

diving into activism

Then followed a period of traveling around the world – encompassing Europe, the US and Caribbean, Australia and South-east Asia. He qualified to be a Master diving instructor and conservationist in Thailand – one of the most mind-blowing experiences of his life. “Seeing the natural world in its native state was humbling”, he says. “Especially when you are in the middle of the ocean looking at a shoal of hammerhead sharks!” This gave Andy the inspiration to volunteer for Sea Shepherd conservation later in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam Adventures: A Love Story

The couple moved to the Netherlands and set about making a new life – in and around Amsterdam. Andy turned out to be more unique and was diagnosed with Bipolar and had to work through some trying and scary times to get in control of that. With the help of some great mental health professionals (and meds!) he became stable. “Looking back on this period of my life has obviously given me an empathy for those going through similar difficult times”, he says. 'Mental health is a major issue and should not be something people ignore, it takes understanding, and sometimes just a shoulder for someone to lean on for a little while"

Dorothy's Drag Bar Debut

Meet Dorothy, a former social worker turned drag queen who's ready to take the Groningen drag scene by storm! After a chance encounter with Mama Scandal, Dorothy rediscovered her passion for performing and has been honing her skills and fabulous wardrobe ever since.
Fast forward to July 2022 and Dorothy, along with her partner Waynne, is proud to announce the grand opening of Dorothy's Drag Bar! This welcoming space is open to everyone, no matter who they love, and is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment where everyone can be themselves.
At Dorothy's, the party never stops! Whether you're a seasoned queen or just starting out, we invite all drag performers to take the stage and show us what you've got. Just reach out to Dorothy to secure your spot and let the good times roll.
So join us under the rainbow and let the good times roll at Dorothy's Drag Bar! Don't forget to follow us on social media and reach out to book your spot on the stage. We can't wait to see you shine!

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